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A little bit of history ... passed on by generations:


In 2001 TERRES GEORGES first converts its crops into wine. Leaving our respective professional careers, we decided to take a big step toward our future by creating an enterprise which has become our adventure. We took over Lucette and Georges’ farm (the parents of Anne-Marie) who, inspired by the passion of the work of the land and the cultivation of the vine, worked all their lives to attain the quality (even though the crops were intended for the cooperative cellar).

Naturally, they knew how to pass on their love of nature and their attachment to the land to their children.

We then took over the cherished farm in spite of Georges’ illness for whom the work of its grapevines helped him to forget the latter. Three weeks after taking over the farm, Georges, relieved knowing that his vineyards were to stay in the care of his family, passed away. Regretfully, he was not able to taste the first fruits of his labour.


In his memory, we named our domain "TERRES  GEORGES".


That is why, vintage after vintage, with humility, passion, hope and ambition, we have made the recognition of our land and our wines our goal!

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